Mikayla Luther is an American Photographer and wildlife activist. The passion for animals and the addition to travel has given her the opportunity to catch shots any photographer would be ecstatic to capture.


Mikayla was given a camera at the age of 2 while on a camping trip and has not been able to get enough of both photography and wildlife. Self taught throughout her childhood and through high school, being hired freelance for family on-site portraits and senior photographs. It motivated her to invest in her career and attend The Art Institute of Costa Mesa, to which she finished in 2014. Tired of the California life, she moved to Arizona to have more freedom and the opportunity to explore different scenery. 


Currently, Mikayla is working on developing her skills by frequently traveling to Northern Arizona to shoot wildlife, and trying to get up close and personal with some incredibly dangerous species. So much, that even her encounters has captured the attention of National Geographic, having a photo published in "A Tale of Two Wolves." article in April of 2018. 


Personal Life

Mikayla and her girlfriend, Randi, currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona where they spend their time playing and working on other projects with their daughter, Elayna (also referred to as "Bug") and their Australian CattleDog/German Shepherd mix, Luna.


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